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3-D Printing (2)
13th Amendment And Slavery (3)
40 Years Of The Congressional Budget Office (1)
40th Anniversary Of Nixon Resignation (6)
40th Anniversary Of United States V. Nixon Oral Argument (2)
50th Anniversary Of Medicare And Medicaid Summit (6)
50th Anniversary Of The 1964 Civil Rights Act (2)
50th Anniversary Of The Surgeon General's Report On Smoking (1)
50th Anniversary Of The Warren Commission (2)
70th Anniversary Of The Atomic Bombings (2)
70th Anniversary Of The Liberation Of Auschwitz (1)
100th Anniversary Of New Republic (2)
100th Anniversary Of The Sinking Of The Lusitania (2)
150 Years After The Freedman's Bank (3)
200th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Bladensburg And The Burning (5)
1772 Gaspee Affair (2)
1865 Person Of The Year, A. Wilson Greene On Robert E. Lee (3)
1865 Person Of The Year, Cassandra Newby-Alexander On Freed Blacks (3)
1865 Person Of The Year, Elizabeth Brown Pryor On Clara Barton (3)
1865 Person Of The Year, Robert Kenzer On Abraham Lincoln (3)
1865 Person Of The Year, William Cooper On Jefferson Davis (3)
1882-1945 (6)
1890 Wounded Knee Massacre (3)
1914 Battle Of The Marne (2)
1915 San Francisco World's Fair (4)
1920s Women's Magazines And Writers (2)
1934 Communications Act And Modern Technology (1)
1934 Textile Strikes (2)
1936 Documentary On The Firing Line (3)
1936 Film You Can't Get Away With It (2)
1937 Federal Works Agency Film We Work Again (3)
1938 Documentary The River (5)
1939 Documentary The City (6)
1943 Army-Navy Screen Magazine Iron War Horse (1)
1943 Film Japanese Relocation (3)
1943 U.S. Navy Documentary December 7th (7)
1944 Documentary D-Day To Germany (4)
1944 Documentary The Negro Soldier (8)
1944 Film: Thanksgiving In Italy (2)
1944 Film A Challenge To Democracy (3)
1944 U.S. Army Newsreel The Enemy Strikes (5)
1945 Film Hannibal Victory (1)
1945 Funeral Of President Roosevelt (4)
1947 Film Shipbuilders Of Essex (5)
1950 Documentary Oil Across Arabia (2)
1952 Universal Newsreel (1)
1953 Documentary Your National Archives (3)
1953 Waco Tornado (6)
1959 Universal Newsreel Castro Triumphs (1)
1960 Film Booked For Safekeeping (7)
1960s-Era Counterculture (2)
1961 Newsreel On Soviet Nuclear Tests (2)
1962 Documentary Design For Disaster (5)
1963 Documentary Henry Ford's Mirror Of America (11)
1963 Film The U.S. Army Unit Advisor In Vietnam (9)
1963 Interview With Malcolm X (4)
1963 Universal Newsreel On Mona Lisa In Washington, DC (3)
1964 CBS Special On The Warren Commission Report (5)
1964 Civil Rights Act Panel Discussion 1965 (2)
1964 Film Nine From Little Rock (3)
1964 Film The Middle East (3)
1964 Margaret Chase Smith Presidential Campaign Announcement (8)
1964 Mississippi Summer Project (4)
1964 U.S. Army Film Exercise Delawar (8)
1964 Universal Newsreel: Atomsville U.S.A. (5)
1965 Film The Wise Years Wasted (6)
1965 State Of The Union Address (3)
1965 U.S. Army Documentary The Battle Of St. Vith (7)
1965 U.S. Army Documentary Tried By Fire (6)
1965 Voting Rights Rally (3)
1966 Film: Thanksgiving In Vietnam (1)
1967 Film The Screaming Eagles In Vietnam (8)
1968 U.S. Army Training Film Interrogation Techniques (2)
1972 Shirley Chisholm Presidential Campaign Announcement (8)
1974 House Judiciary Committee Watergate Hearing Opening Statements (1)
1975 NBC News Special Report On Communist Saigon (7)
1975 State Of The Union Address (4)
1979 Greensboro Shooting (1)
1988 Presidential Campaign And The Iowa State Fair (1)
1989 National Museum Of The American Indian Act (1)
1992 Army Training Film Sniper Employment (4)
1995 State Of The Union Address (2)
2015 Longwood Civil War Seminar, Day 2 (6)
2015 Longwood Civil War Seminar, Day 3 (4)
Abortion And The Evolution Of The Religious Right (1)
Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address 150th Anniversary (7)
Abusing Lincoln's Legacy (1)
ACLU V. Clapper Oral Argument (1)
A Conversation With Freshman Representative Don Beyer D-VA (1)
A Conversation With Freshman Representative Elise Stefanik R-NY (1)
A Conversation With Freshman Representative John Ratcliffe R-TX (1)
A Conversation With Representative William Hurd R-TX (1)
A Conversation With Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2)
Actor Gary Sinise At The National Press Club (1)
Adams Memorial (1)
A Day In Old Milwaukee (4)
African American Actor Ira Aldridge (5)
African Americans And Anti-colonialism In Africa (3)
African Americans And The Civil War (2)
Aftermath Of D-Day Invasion (7)
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Oversight Hearing Testimony (1)
A History Of The North American West (2)
Alexander Hamilton And The Idea Of Honor (6)
Alexander Hamilton Before The American Revolution (3)
Allied Strategy In The Pacific (1)
Alzheimer's Disease Research (2)
Amelia Earhart Collection At Purdue University (3)
America And The Magna Carta (6)
American Artifacts (331)
American Citizens In Hiroshima And Nagasaki (6)
American Exclave Point Roberts (2)
American History TV (773)
American History TV In Augusta, Georgia (1)
American History TV In Austin, Texas (1)
American History TV In Columbus, Georgia (2)
American History TV In Corpus Christi, Texas (2)
American History TV In Galveston, Texas (2)
American History TV In Greensboro, North Carolina (2)
American History TV In Jackson, Mississippi (1)
American History TV In Key West, Florida (1)
American History TV In Lincoln, Nebraska (2)
American History TV In Omaha, Nebraska (1)
American History TV In St. Augustine, Florida (2)
American History TV In St. Louis, Missouri (1)
American History TV In Topeka, Kansas (1)
American History TV In Tulsa, Oklahoma (2)
American History TV In Wheeling, West Virginia (1)
American Indian Treaties And Identity (4)
American Navy's Role In Revolutionary War (2)
American Presidents (1)
American Revolution And The Fate Of The British Empire (3)
American Revolution In The Caribbean (3)
Americans With Disabilities Act And Civil Rights (1)
Amy Greenberg On A Wicked War (1)
Andrew Jackson As A Southerner (3)
An Evening With Julian Bond (1)
A New Focus On Opportunity (1)
An Intimate Memoir (2)
Army Operations And Training (1)
Artifacts From New York History (3)
Asian Americans And The Law (2)
Assassination Of President James Garfield (2)
Astronaut Fred Haise And Apollo 13 (1)
Atomic Spies (7)
Attorney General Nomination Hearing, Day 1 (1)
Attorney General Nominee Announcement (1)
Audrey Hamilton And JoeAnne Ulmer Interview (2)
Augusta, 1864 Exhibit And Civil War In Augusta (1)
Augusta Canal And Old Confederate Powder Works (2)
Aviation And Space Exploration (1)
A World Verdict (3)
Barry Goldwater At 1964 Republican National Convention (6)
Barry Goldwater The Conservationist (4)
Battlefield Tour (6)
Battle Of Cedar Creek (3)
Battle Of Cold Harbor 150th Anniversary (5)
Battle Of Midway 72nd Anniversary (3)
Battle Of New Orleans Bicentennial (2)
Battle Of Sailor's Creek (6)
Battle Of The Crater (5)
Battle Of Tippecanoe (1)
Battles Of Appomattox (7)
Battles Of Monocacy And Fort Stevens (3)
BBC Question Time Election Leaders Special (1)
Benghazi Consulate Attack And Diplomatic Security (1)
Benghazi Events (1)
Betsy McCaughey Remarks (1)
Bicentennial Of The National Anthem (3)
Big Boy Steam Engine (1)
Bill Whittle On Messaging For Millennials (2)
Birth Of The 1st Air Commando Group (7)
Birth Of The B-29 (2)
Black Internationalism In The 1940s (1)
Black Women And Early 1900s University Life (1)
Bleeding Kansas (4)
Book Discussion (48)
Book Discussion On American Presidents (1)
Book Discussion On A Spy For The Union (5)
Book Discussion On A Time To Attack (2)
Book Discussion On A Wicked War (2)
Book Discussion On Backstage At The Lincoln Assassination (2)
Book Discussion On Betsy Ross And The Making Of America (3)
Book Discussion On Colors Of Confinement (1)
Book Discussion On Conscience (2)
Book Discussion On Defiant Brides (1)
Book Discussion On Finding The Dragon Lady (5)
Book Discussion On Forcing The Spring (2)
Book Discussion On Frank A. Vanderlip (2)
Book Discussion On Freedom's Forge (2)
Book Discussion On Iran And The United States (2)
Book Discussion On Jim Crow And The Wilson Administration (3)
Book Discussion On Licensed To Lie (1)
Book Discussion On Mayor For Life (2)
Book Discussion On Nothing But Love In God's Waters (2)
Book Discussion On Obama's Globe (2)
Book Discussion On Racing The Enemy (2)
Book Discussion On Revolutionary Medicine (1)
Book Discussion On Root And Branch (2)
Book Discussion On Sliver Of Light (2)
Book Discussion On The Battle Of Bretton Woods (2)
Book Discussion On The Enduring Seminoles (2)
Book Discussion On The Essential American (3)
Book Discussion On The First Waco Horror (5)
Book Discussion On The Irregulars (2)
Book Discussion On The Men Who United The States (3)
Book Discussion On The Prince Of Los Cocuyos (2)
Book Discussion On The Scarlet Sisters (1)
Book Discussion On The Taliban Revival (2)
Book Discussion On U.S. Marshals (2)
Book Discussion On Uncertain Justice (2)
Book Discussion On Unfamiliar Fishes (2)
Book Discussion On Washington Brotherhood (2)
Book Discussion On Washington Rules (3)
Booknotes (2)
Books By Presidential Candidates (1)
Branch Davidian Standoff (1)
British And Hessian Prisoners In The Revolutionary War (1)
Brown V. Board Of Education And The Monroe School (5)
Budget And Working With Congress (2)
Budget Request For Unaccompanied Migrant Children (1)
Buffalo Bill's European Tour (1)
Building The Empire State Building (3)
Building The Statue Of Liberty (4)
Bullying Prevention Summit, Bullying Trends (1)
Bullying Prevention Summit, Lessons Learned (1)
Bullying Prevention Summit, Social And Emotional Learning (1)
Bullying Prevention Summit, State And Federal Laws And Policies (1)
Bullying Prevention Summit, Youth Perspectives (1)
Bullying Prevention Summit - Hazing And Teen Dating Violence (1)
Burning Of Washington (5)
C-SPAN3 Programming (28)
Campaign Finance And Free Speech (1)
Campus Sexual Assault (1)
Cancer Biology (1)
Capitol Hill Preservation (5)
Carter And Dempsey Testimony On U.S. Middle East Policy (1)
Castillo De San Marcos (3)
Catholics And Immigrant Labor (2)
Catholics And Immigration (2)
Catholics And National Policy (2)
Centennial Of Lusitania Sinking (1)
Ceremony Marking President Lincoln's Last Ride (3)
Chairman Peter Rodino Opening Statement (4)
Challenges At The Mexico Border (1)
Challenge To America (5)
Charles Curtis House (1)
Cheryl LaFleur On U.S. Electric Grid (1)
Cheyenne Train Depot (2)
Childhood Vaccination (1)
Chinese Immigrant Laborers (2)
Christmas Time On The Battlefield (4)
Church Committee History And Legacy (2)
CIA And The Press (2)
Civilians In War (1)
Civil Rights Act Of 1964 (5)
Civil Rights After Martin Luther King, Jr. (3)
Civil Rights And Media (6)
Civil Rights And Multiracial Cooperation (4)
Civil Rights And Social Justice (4)
Civil War Battle Flags (4)
Civil War Closing Operations (4)
Civil War Confederate Firearms Exhibit (1)
Civil War Soldiers' Letters (2)
Clinton Foundation Health Summit (3)
Coast Guard Academy Commencement (3)
Codename Cynthia (5)
Cold War Era Spies (1)
College Athletes And Academics (2)
College Ratings Systems And Minority Students (1)
Combating HIV/AIDS (1)
Communist Party National Convention, Keynote Addresses (1)
Confederados (7)
Congress And The National Museum Of The American Indian Act (3)
Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony (5)
Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony For Civil Air Patrol (3)
Congressional Oversight Of Intelligence Activities (3)
Conservationist John Muir (2)
Conservative Political Action Conference, Day 2 (1)
Constitutional Champion Awards Ceremony For Senators Patrick Leahy D-VT And Rand Paul R-KY (1)
Consumer Drones (1)
CSPAN Programming (1)
CSS Chattahoochee At The National Civil War Naval Museum (3)
CSS Jackson At The National Civil War Naval Museum (1)
Cuba And The CIA (3)
Cuban Refugees And The 1980 Mariel Boatlift (4)
Cybersecurity And Business Leaders (1)
Cybersecurity Challenges (1)
Cyrus Avery And The History Of Route 66 (2)
D-Day 70th Anniversary Ceremony (2)
D-Day 70th Anniversary Commemoration (4)
Day In The Life Of Speaker Hastert (4)
Debate On American Foreign Policy (2)
Debt Servitude In The Southwest (3)
Department Of Homeland Security Fiscal Year 2016 Budget (1)
Deputy Attorney General Nomination Hearing (2)
Detroit Observatory (5)
Digital Campaigning (1)
Digital Technology And Connectivity (2)
Discovering Life In The Universe (7)
Discussion--Dangerous Ambition, Rebecca West And Dorothy Thompson (2)
Discussion--Unruly Americans And The Origins Of The Constitution (2)
Discussion On Abraham Lincoln As 1865 Person Of The Year (1)
Discussion On Actor Ira Aldridge's Portrait (2)
Discussion On African Americans And Anti-colonialism In Africa (2)
Discussion On American Citizens In Hiroshima And Nagasaki (2)
Discussion On Andrew Jackson As A Southerner (1)
Discussion On Clara Barton As 1865 Person Of The Year (2)
Discussion On Congress And The Bill Of Rights (2)
Discussion On Criminal Justice Reform (1)
Discussion On Early Afro-Mexican Settlers In California (3)
Discussion On Espionage And The Manhattan Project (3)
Discussion On First Ladies And The Executive Mansion (4)
Discussion On Flags Of The American Revolution (2)
Discussion On Ford's Theatre And President Lincoln's Assassination (3)
Discussion On Freed Blacks (1)
Discussion On Future Military Policy And Strategy (1)
Discussion On Health Care Coverage (1)
Discussion On Jefferson Davis As 1865 Person Of The Year (1)
Discussion On John Hanson And The Articles Of Confederation (1)
Discussion On Missouri's Burnt District (1)
Discussion On Online Medical Care Services (2)
Discussion On Politics And Childhood During The Cold War (4)
Discussion On President Dwight Eisenhower And Public Relations (2)
Discussion On Presidential Politics And The Iowa State Fair (1)
Discussion On President Lincoln (3)
Discussion On President Lincoln's Assassination And Hidden History (3)
Discussion On President Lincoln's Funeral Hearse (2)
Discussion On President Lincoln's Funeral Train (3)
Discussion On President Ronald Reagan And The Soviet Union (1)
Discussion On Presidents And The Constitution (2)
Discussion On Public Execution In The Victorian South (3)
Discussion On Reconstruction And The U.S. Supreme Court (5)
Discussion On Religious Freedom In Early America (2)
Discussion On Religious Growth In Early America (1)
Discussion On Religious Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage (1)
Discussion On Responses To President Lincoln's Assassination (6)
Discussion On Revisiting The Declaration Of Independence (2)
Discussion On Robert E. Lee As 1865 Person Of The Year (1)
Discussion On Same-Sex Marriage Supreme Court Cases (1)
Discussion On Second Term Presidents (1)
Discussion On Slavery And The Freedom Trials (3)
Discussion On Textual Tradition And The Declaration Of Independence (5)
Discussion On The 70th Anniversary Of The United Nations (4)
Discussion On The Assassination Of President William McKinley (1)
Discussion On The Caribbean's Role In U.S. History (1)
Discussion On The Fall Of Saigon (6)
Discussion On The Founding Fathers And U.S. Policy (3)
Discussion On The Future Of Civil Rights (1)
Discussion On The Gilded Age And American Renaissance Palaces (4)
Discussion On The History And Legacy Of The Church Committee (1)
Discussion On The History Of The Freedman's Bank (3)
Discussion On The Life And Presidency Of Theodore Roosevelt (2)
Discussion On The Life Of Lillian Carter (1)
Discussion On The Magna Carta's Legal Heritage (1)
Discussion On The Politics Of A Nuclear Deal With Iran (1)
Discussion On The Press And The Presidency (2)
Discussion On The Shipwreck Of The SS Eastland (2)
Discussion On Women's Suffrage And The Temperance Movement (3)
Discussion On Women Aviators During World War II (4)
Discussion On Women In Combat (2)
Discussion On Women Of The Manhattan Project (6)
Discussion On World War II In The Central Pacific (4)
Discussion On World War II Photographs (1)
DOD Sec. Hagel & Gen. Dempsey On ISIS Threat (1)
Dolley Madison Collection (1)
Domestic Violence & Sports (2)
Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Announcement (1)
Doug Brinkley On Neil Armstrong Recordings (3)
Dr. Ben Carson On Public Policy (1)
Dred Scott And The Supreme Court (8)
Dr Pepper Museum (3)
Eads Bridge (1)
Eagle Has Landed (10)
Early Afro-Mexican Settlers In California (3)
East Asia Summit Preview Energy Panel (1)
East Asia Summit Preview Opening Remarks (1)
East Asia Summit Preview Security Panel (1)
Ebola Threat (1)
Economic Espionage (1)
Economic Growth, The Challenge To America (2)
Edison Botanic Research Lab (5)
Education Resources For Veterans With Mental Health Needs (1)
Eisenhower's Decision To Begin D-Day Invasion (4)
Eisenhower And Public Relations (1)
Elbert Guillory Remarks (1)
Eleanor Roosevelt And Women's Rights (3)
Election Of 1796 (2)
Election Of Nancy Pelosi As Speaker Of The House (4)
Elton John And Rick Warren Testimony On U.S.-Sponsored Global Health (1)
Ernest Hemingway House (2)
Erwin Griswold Book Prize Lecture On Nixon's Court (7)
Espionage And The Manhattan Project (2)
European Collective Defense (1)
Evan Davis On United States V. Nixon, Part 1 (4)
Evan Davis On United States V. Nixon, Part 2 (4)
Executive Action On Immigration (2)
Exploration And The Cattle Drive Era (2)
Extremism And Terrorist Threats (1)
Fall Of Petersburg (6)
Fall Of Saigon (4)
Fall Of The Berlin Wall (5)
Fall Of The Japanese Empire (1)
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler On Broadband Policy (1)
February 1965 Universal News On Vietnam (1)
Federal Communications Commission Meeting (1)
Federal Communications Commission Oversight Hearing (2)
Federal Equipping Of Local Police Forces (1)
Films On Cuba And Fidel Castro (1)
Financing The War Of 1812 (2)
First Ladies' Fashions (5)
First Ladies: Influence & Image (6)
First Ladies: Influence And Image (10)
First Ladies And The Politics Of Fashion (5)
First Ladies Anna Harrison, Letitia Tyler And, Julia Tyler (3)
First Ladies Elizabeth Monroe And Louisa Catherine Adams (2)
First Ladies Jane Pierce And Harriet Lane (3)
First Ladies Lucretia Garfield And Mary Arthur McElroy (3)
First Ladies Sarah Polk, Margaret Taylor, And Abigail Fillmore (1)
First Lady Abigail Adams (3)
First Lady Eliza Johnson (2)
First Lady Julia Grant (3)
First Lady Lady Bird Johnson (1)
First Lady Lucy Hayes (4)
First Lady Martha Washington (1)
First Peoples Of The Plains (4)
Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Proposal (1)
Food As A Human Right (1)
Ford's Theatre And The Lincoln Assassination (2)
Ford's Theatre Lincoln Assassination 150th Anniversary (3)
Ford's Theatre Lincoln Assassination 150th Anniversary, Day 1 (5)
Ford's Theatre Lincoln Assassination 150th Anniversary, Day 2 (2)
Ford's Theatre Silent Witnesses Exhibit (8)
Ford Address To Joint Session Of Congress (3)
Forgotten Surrenders Of The Civil War (9)
Former Governor Lincoln Chafee D-RI Presidential Campaign Announcement (1)
Former Governor Rick Perry Presidential Campaign Announcement (1)
Former Representative Elizabeth Holtzman On The Vietnam War (2)
Former Senate Majority Leaders, Donald Ritchie Interview (3)
Former Senator Barry Goldwater Statue Dedication Ceremony (5)
Fort Douglas Military Museum (1)
Fort Zachary Taylor State Park (3)
Fountain Of Youth And Spanish Settlement Of St. Augustine (3)
Freedom Of Speech (1)
Freedom Of The Press (1)
Freedom Summer And Mississippi Civil Rights (7)
Frontier Days And The Old West Museum (2)
Frontier Days Carriages (3)
Future Of Conservatism (1)
Future Of Getting Lost (2)
Future Of Mars Exploration (1)
Future Of The Army (1)
Future Of The Kennedy Center (1)
Garrison Keillor At The National Press Club (1)
Gateway Arch (1)
General Motors Ignition Switch Recall (1)
General Motors Recalls And Corporate Culture (1)
Genetically Modified Food (1)
George W. Bush Presidency And Afghanistan And Iraq Wars (1)
George W. Bush Presidency And Counterterrorism (1)
George W. Bush Presidency And Homeland Security (1)
George Wallace, Segregation And Politics (1)
George Walton And Meadow Garden (1)
George Washington And The 1787 Constitutional Convention (3)
George Washington And The Battle Of Trenton (1)
Gerald Ford Sworn In As President Of The United States (3)
Gilbert Robinson On Reagan Remembered (3)
Gilcrease Museum (2)
Gingrich Swearing In (4)
Gingrich Swearing In As Speaker (1)
Global Water Shortage (1)
Glossip V. Gross Oral Argument Audio (1)
Google Vice President Vint Cerf At The National Press Club (2)
Gossip In American History (1)
Government And The Free Press (1)
Government Transparency (1)
Governor Bobby Jindal R-LA Presidential Campaign Announcement (1)
Governor Chris Christie In Davenport, Iowa (1)
Governor Morehead And Blandwood Mansion (1)
Governor Pete Ricketts Interview (3)
Great Flood Of 1993 (1)
Great Salt Lake (3)
Gridiron Club Historian George Condon Interview (2)
Gridiron Club President Clarence Page Interview (2)
Growth Of Lafayette, Indiana (5)
Guns, Capitalism, And Revolutions In The Americas (3)
Guns And Civil Rights (2)
Hampton Roads Conference Of 1865 (1)
Harry S. Truman's Little White House (4)
Hart And Boardman Testimony On Amtrak Train Derailment (1)
Health And Human Services Secretary Testimony On 2016 Budget (2)
Health And Sanitation In 19th Century New York (1)
Hearing On FAA Modernization And Reforms (1)
Hearing On Federal Use Of Transportation Technology (2)
Hearing On Hydraulic Fracturing (2)
Hearing On Police Body Cameras (1)
Hearing On Prescription Management And Veteran Mental Health (1)
Hearing On The 2012 Benghazi Consulate Attack (1)
Hearing On The Future Of Precision Medicine (1)
Hearing On The U.S. Capitol Police (1)
Hearing On Threats And Encryption Issues (1)
Hearing On U.S.-Cuba Relations (1)
Hearing On Veterans' Health Care Services Outside VA System (1)
Hearing On Veterans Affairs Fiscal Year 2015 Budget (1)
Hearing On Veterans Affairs Staffing Issues (1)
Hearing On Veterans Choice Program Implementation And Future (2)
Hearing On Washington, D.C. Airspace Security (1)
Hemp Growing In The U.S. (4)
Henry A. Wallace (4)
Henry Flagler And The Ponce De Leon Hotel (2)
Henry Kissinger On The Fall Of The Berlin Wall (3)
Herbert Hoover And World War I Humanitarian Aid (3)
Heroes Of The Civil Rights Movement (4)
Heroin And Prescription Drug Abuse (1)
Hillary Clinton On Expanding Small Businesses (1)
Historians As Public Figures (3)
Historic National Road (5)
History And Future Of NASA (1)
History And Policy Makers (5)
History Bookshelf (42)
History Of Cheese Making (4)
History Of Dupont Circle (6)
History Of Fort Benning (2)
History Of Fort Des Moines (1)
History Of Fort Lauderdale (3)
History Of Fort Mose (1)
History Of Juneteenth (4)
History Of Madison, Wisconsin (1)
History Of Native American Treaties (7)
History Of New York City's Central Park (4)
History Of Port Everglades (2)
History Of Presidential Drinking (2)
History Of The Coca-Cola Company (3)
History Of The Freedman's Bank (3)
History Of The House Ways And Means Committee (4)
History Of The Iowa Caucuses (1)
History Of The Nation (6)
History Of The Republican Party (3)
History Of The State Of The Union Address (3)
History Of The Texas Rangers (3)
History Of The Texas State Capitol (2)
History Of The Treaty Of Ghent (6)
History Of U.S.-Cuba Relations (2)
History Of USS Cavalla (4)
History Of Western U.S. Immigration (2)
History Of Willow Run Bomber Plant (4)
History Of Yosemite National Park (3)
Holidays At The White House (3)
Holt V. Hobbs Oral Argument (1)
Homeland Security Law Enforcement Agenda (1)
Homeland Security Law Institute (1)
Honoring The Life And Legacy Of Ronald Reagan (2)
House Debate On Selma Foot Soldiers (3)
House Rules Committee Meeting On Pending Legislation (1)
Housing Finance (2)
Houston We've Got A Problem 1970 (3)
Howard University Commencement Address (1)
How A Train Station Transformed America (1)
How Electricity Shaped The Southwest (3)
Humanitarian Aid To Syria (2)
Illinois State Of The State Address (1)
Immigrant Entrepreneurship In Historical Perspective (1)
Immigrants And American Opportunity (2)
Immigration And Customs Enforcement (1)
Immigration And Demographics, Administration And Policy Panel (1)
Immigration And Demographics, Advocates Panel (1)
Immigration And The Hart-Celler Act (1)
Immigration And Undocumented Workers In Lynn, Massachusetts (1)
Influential Women Of The West (3)
Intelligence And Espionage During World War I (5)
International Health Care Models (1)
International Repatriation (1)
Interpretation Of U.S. Presidents (7)
Interpreting Women's History For The Public (3)
Interview With Governor Gary Herbert (3)
Interview With Lonnie Bunch About Audrey Hamilton And JoeAnne Ulmer (2)
Investigation Of Robert Hanssen (1)
Investigative Journalism And Consumers (1)
Iowa State Capitol (4)
Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act Markup Hearing (1)
Iran Nuclear Negotiations (2)
Iran Sanctions (1)
James Baldwin And American Political Thought (2)
James Baldwin And Black Lives (2)
James Brown In Augusta, Georgia (1)
James Madison And The Constitution (8)
Japan's Decision To Surrender (2)
Japan During World War I (3)
Japanese American Archives (3)
Japanese Surrender In 1945 (2)
Jenny Beth Martin Remarks (1)
Jewish Immigrants In America (1)
Joe McCarthy's Enemies From Within Speech (1)
John Dickey On The Future Of Radio (2)
John F. Kennedy's Medical Officer (3)
John Farrell On President Nixon's Resignation (4)
John Fremont's Oregon Expedition (3)
John Hanson And The Articles Of Confederation (2)
John Lewis Freedom Award Ceremony (2)
John Paul Jones Memorial (2)
John Stumpf On Role Of Financial Services (1)
Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chair Confirmation Hearing (1)
Jonah Peretti On Media Startups (1)
Jonathan Gruber And Marilyn Tavenner On Health Care Law Enrollment (1)
Jose Marti And The San Carlos Institute (5)
Josephine Roche And 20th Century Progressivism (3)
Juanita Jones Abernathy On Civil Rights (4)
Judicial Independence And Politics (1)
Junius Williams Interview, Part 1 (2)
Justice Breyer On The Magna Carta (7)
Justice Holmes And The Civil War (2)
Kansas City And World War II (5)
Kansas City Monarchs (12)
Kansas State Capitol (4)
Keeneland And The Economics Of Horse Country (1)
Key Capitol Hill Hearings (1,866)
Key Figures At The End Of The Cold War (2)
Key West Custom House (1)
Korean War Digital Memorial Foundation (6)
Larry Merlo On Corporate Responsibility (1)
Last Slave Ships (1)
Last Speeches Of Lincoln And Martin Luther King Jr. (9)
LBJ Presidential Library Exhibit, Sixty From The '60s (2)
LBJ Presidential Library Tour Of The Presidential Suite (3)
Lectures In History (238)
Legacies Of Appomattox (6)
Legacies Of The Civil War (5)
Legacy Of Operation Pedro Pan (8)
Legacy Of Ronald Reagan (2)
Legacy Of World War I Panel Discussion (3)
Legal Conviction Consequences (1)
LGBT Employees And Workplace Discrimination (1)
Life And Beliefs Of Brigham Young (3)
Life And Career Of Godfrey Weitzel (2)
Life And Career Of Senator Alben Barkley (3)
Life And Journals Of Joseph Smith (2)
Life And Legacy Of Arthur Ashe (2)
Life Of Eddie Rickenbacker (2)
Life Of Francis Scott Key (3)
Life Of John Wilkes Booth (3)
Life On The Battlefield During World War II (7)
Life On The Home Front During World War II (8)
Lincoln's Antislavery Politics (2)
Lincoln's Last Ride (3)
Lincoln's Legacy And The 13th Amendment (3)
Lincoln's Work Ethic And Ambition (2)
Lincoln Assassination Conspirators (2)
Lonnie Bunch About Junius Williams (5)
Lonnie Bunch About Simeon Wright (3)
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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Remarks At The National Press Club (2)
Lucy Craft Laney Museum (5)
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Macon's Music History (3)
Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Ceremony (1)
Magna Carta And The Constitution (1)
Magna Carta Ceremony (7)
Magna Carta Legal Heritage (7)
March 5, 1965, Universal Newsreel (1)
Margaret Sanger And The Birth Control Movement (2)
Mars Science Discoveries (1)
Massachusetts Gubernatorial Debate (1)
Material Culture Of The Colonial South (2)
Meaning Of The Civil War (3)
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Medgar Evers House (8)
Media Coverage Of National Security (1)
Medical Cures And Innovation (2)
Medical Service In The Invasion Of Normandy (2)
Medicare Fraud And Abuse (1)
Medicare Signing Ceremony (4)
Meet The Press With Martin Luther King (6)
Melvin Laird And The U.S. Military (3)
Mental Health Aid For Veterans (1)
Mental Health Care Reform (1)
Mental Health Resources For Returning Veterans (1)
Michigan Same-Sex Marriage Oral Argument (1)
Military Response To Sexual Assaults, Part 1 (1)
Military Response To Sexual Assaults, Part 2 (1)
Millennial Generation (2)
Minnesota History Center Toys Exhibit (2)
Minnesota State Capitol (3)
Minority Activism And The 1968 Election (5)
Minority Students And College (1)
Mission Of The International Space Station (1)
Mississippi's Old State Capitol (5)
Mississippi Civil Rights Collection (7)
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Modern First Ladies, Part 2 (4)
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Monetary Policy Report (1)
Montgomery Voting Rights Rally 50th Anniversary (5)
Mormon Tabernacle Choir (8)
Mourning Abraham Lincoln (3)
Music And Social Consciousness (1)
Mystery Of Flight 19 (2)
Myths Surrounding The Star-Spangled Banner (1)
National Alliance On Mental Illness Annual Convention (1)
National Historic Preservation Act (3)
National Portrait Gallery History And Mission (4)
National Press Foundation 32nd Annual Awards Dinner (2)
National Security Agency And Privacy Debate (1)
National Security Agency Priorities (2)
National Security Threat Of Islamic State Terrorists (1)
Native American Effigy Mounds (2)
Native American Land Treaties (2)
Native American Perspectives On Repatriation (3)
Native Americans In 19th Century Washington, D.C. (5)
Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum (2)
Naval Navigation In The War Of 1812 (4)
Naval Warfare In The American Revolution (3)
Navy Secretary Josephus Daniels In World War I (1)
Nebraska State Capitol Architecture And Design (2)
Nebraska State Capitol Archives (2)
Neil Armstrong (2)
Neil Armstrong And Eugene Cernan Exhibit (1)
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Neville Public Museum (2)
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New York Ideas Festival Afternoon Session, Part 1 (1)
New York Ideas Festival Morning Session, Part 2 (1)
Next Generation Battery Technology (2)
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Nixon Impeachment Hearing, Evening Session Part 1 (3)
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Nixon Resignation 40th Anniversary (1)
Normandy Invasion (2)
Not For Conquest (1)
Nuclear Policy (1)
Nuestra Senora De Atocha (3)
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2)
Oglebay Mansion Museum (2)
Ohio Same-Sex Marriage Oral Argument (1)
Olympia Oysters And The Shellfish Industry (1)
Omaha Union Stockyard (1)
One Century Later Panel Discussion (5)
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Open Phones On The Birth Of A Nation (4)
Open Phones With Craig Symonds (6)
Open Phones With David Reynolds (1)
Open Phones With James Swanson (1)
Oral Histories (100)
Organization Of American Historians Incoming President (3)
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Origins Of The Cell Phone (2)
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Panama Canal Past And Future, Day 1 (3)
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Panel Discussion On Abraham Lincoln (3)
Panel Discussion On Feminism (2)
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Panels On Technology, Society, And Social Media (1)
Pedestrianism In 19th Century (7)
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Phone Interview With Lawrence Knutson (5)
Pierre L'Enfant And Washington, D.C. (6)
Pilot District Project Washington, D.C. (8)
Pocahontas At The National Portrait Gallery (4)
Polish Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa Address (2)
Political Career Of Senator William Proxmire (1)
Political Economy And Militarization Of Bees (2)
Politics & Public Policy Today (1,374)
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Politics And Public Policy Today (75)
Port Of Galveston (5)
Postwar Society And The Cold War (5)
Prelude To World War I (2)
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Public Execution In The Victorian South (2)
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Railroad Relocation In Lafayette, Indiana (1)
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Religion And The Civil War (4)
Religious Growth In Early America (2)
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Restoration Of La Belle (1)
Restoring The F-100 Super Sabre (5)
Returning Stolen Assets (2)
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Richmond In 1865 (6)
Rise And Fall Of Silver As Currency (2)
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Rocky Mountain National Park Centennial (5)
Role Of Candidate Debates In Political Discourse (1)
Role Of Congress In International Crises (3)
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Role Of The First Lady (3)
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Sand Creek Massacre (2)
Sante Fe's San Miguel Mission (1)
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Science Policy And National Threats (1)
Screaming Eagles In Vietnam (4)
Second Term Presidents (1)
Secretaries Jack Lew, Sylvia Burwell, And Thomas Perez On Social Security And Medicare Reports (1)
Secretary Albert Horvath Testimony On The State Of The Smithsonian (1)
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Secretary Kerry On U.S. Strategy Against ISIS (1)
Secretary Of Defense Nomination Hearing (1)
Secretary Thomas Perez On Jobs And The Economy (1)
Secrets Of The Founders (8)
Selma March 50th Anniversary (3)
Selma March 50th Anniversary, Opening (2)
Selma March Commemorative Church Service (5)
Seminole Indians In Florida (2)
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Senate Leader Lecture - George Mitchell (3)
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Serving In World War II (1)
Sesquicentennial Of The Washington Arsenal Explosion (3)
Sex And KGB Spies In The 1970s (3)
Sexual Assault On College Campuses (1)
Shipwreck Of The SS Eastland (2)
Signal Of Liberty Newspaper (4)
Simeon Wright Interview (3)
Slavery And The Freedom Trials (1)
Smithsonian Flag Day Ceremony (4)
Smithsonian Return Of Native American Remains (5)
Social Changes Of The 1970s (2)
Social Conservatism And The Reagan Administration (2)
Social Movement Leaders (1)
Social Security (2)
Society Of American Indians Conference (1)
Solitary Confinement In U.S. Prisons (2)
Solomon D. Butcher Photograph Collection (2)
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Soviet Spy Couple And The Atom Bomb (4)
Space Effort (1)
Sports And Race (10)
Sports Brain Injuries And Aging (2)
Sports Safety And Brain Injuries, Scientific Panel (2)
St. Augustine's Civil Rights Movement (3)
St. Augustine's Oldest Home (3)
St. Augustine Lighthouse And Maritime Archaeology (1)
St. Louis' Old Courthouse And The Dred Scott Case (1)
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Substance And Alcohol Abuse (1)
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Taverns Of Pre-Revolutionary New York City (7)
Tax Code Reform (2)
Teaching World War II In Schools (1)
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TechCrunch Disrupt New York Conference, Part 2 (1)
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Technology And The Workforce, Panel 2 (2)
Telephone Scams (1)
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Territorial Kansas (4)
Testimony From A World War II Holocaust Survivor (1)
Texas Collection At Baylor University (1)
The American Experience (5)
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The Atom Strikes! (2)
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The Baltimore Plan 1953 (5)
The Battle Of Midway And John Ford (7)
The Battle Of San Pietro And John Huston (6)
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The Five Cities Of June 1963 (1)
The Four Days Of Gemini 4 (4)
The Land And The People (4)
The Moment In Time (4)
The Nixon Resignation 40 Years Later (3)
Theodore Roosevelt's Life And Presidency (6)
Theodore Roosevelt And The Great War (2)
Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial (2)
The People And The Police (4)
The People And The Police: Oakland (1)
The Political Battle For The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 (2)
The Presidency (197)
The Road To Freedom (3)
The Secret Service Story (3)
The Story Of Arlington National Cemetery (2)
The Story Of Hoover Dam (7)
The Struggle For Equality In Texas (2)
The Time Of Apollo (1)
The True Glory (7)
The True Glory And George Stevens (7)
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The Woman Who Would Be President (2)
This Is Your Police Department (7)
Thomas Jefferson's Union (7)
Thomas Kennard House (2)
Thunderbolt And William Wyler (8)
Thurgood Marshall And The NAACP (9)
Tim Cook At White House Cybersecurity Summit (1)
Time For Choosing Conference, Communication (1)
Timothy Naftali Interview, Part 1 (2)
Timothy Naftali Interview, Part 2 (1)
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Timothy Naftali Nixon Impeachment Hearings Interview, Part 2 (1)
Tim Scott Remarks (1)
Tip O'Neill Elected Speaker Of The House (4)
Titanic Memorial (1)
Tom Brokaw On His Career (7)
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Treasury Secretary Lew On Fiscal Year 2016 Budget (1)
Troublemakers And Trailblazers Exhibit (1)
Trucks And Public Safety (1)
Truman's Atomic Energy Legacy (1)
TSA Nominee Confirmation Hearing (1)
Tulsa Oil Industry And Architecture (2)
Twitter And Free Speech (2)
Two Down And One To Go 1945 (3)
U.S.-Africa Business Forum, Financing In Africa (1)
U.S.-Africa Business Forum, Opening Remarks (1)
U.S.-Africa Business Forum, Panel On Infrastructure (1)
U.S.-Africa Business Forum, Vice President Joe Biden (1)
U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Spousal Program, Part 6 (1)
U.S.-Native American Treaties (2)
U.S. Banknotes From 1861-1928 (2)
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter INGHAM (2)
U.S. Colored Troops And Voting Rights (1)
U.S. Engagement In Italy Durnig World War II (1)
U.S. Foreign Policy And Totalitarianism (5)
U.S. Fugitive Slaves In Mexico (3)
U.S. Involvement In The Vietnam War (2)
U.S. Medical Innovation (1)
U.S. National Intelligence Chairman Gregory Treverton (1)
U.S. Naval Academy Commencement (2)
U.S. Navy And The Battle Of New Orleans (1)
U.S. Senate Debate On 1964 Civil Rights Act (2)
U.S. Strategy Against Islamic State In Iraq & The Levant ISIL (1)
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin (1)
Unaccompanied Children From Central America (2)
Understanding Ferguson Protests (3)
Undocumented College Students Survey (2)
Unionizing Student Athletes (1)
Union Troops And The Lincoln Assassination (3)
United Nations Fiscal Year 2016 Budget (1)
United States V. Nixon Oral Argument (2)
Universal Newsreel On 1964 Presidential Campaign (1)
University Of Wisconsin World War I Exhibit (1)
Utah State Capitol Building (4)
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Voting Rights Act Of 1965 Speech And Bill Signing (3)
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White House Perspectives On Recent First Ladies (1)
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Wilford Woodruff And The 1890 Manifesto (1)
William Allen White And The Ku Klux Klan (4)
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